Saturday, September 22, 2007


This was the funnest parade i have ever attended. our first annual? bad kids parade.

Frontier Blues (fuck canada)

I've been sitting in a Mobil gas station in St. Albans Vermont for the past 4 hours waiting on some folks from Montreal to come down here and smuggle me over the border. At least I have a computer and some books and a shred of hope. I know the show tonight is gonna rule, so I really wanna go.
I've been to every country in Europe including Russia and most of the eastern bloc, Israel, Palestine, Peru, Mexico, about to go to Australia, New Zealand,Brazil, and Japan......and fucking Canada is the only Nation on the planet (other than north korea) that won't let me in?? a D.U.I seven years ago, and a little white lie 3 years ago. If I don't get in I get a little mid-tour vacation in scenic detroit.

i'm gonna learn to post pictures when i find out how. i want everyone to see how sad i am right now

Sorry for the delay

been way for a while because we've been on tour forever and ever and I just got a computer recently so now we'll be able to keep up. Did Sardinia, Italy, England, Scotland, and the eastern US. Tomorrow we go into Canada. Well, at least three of us. I'm banned from the great white north, and I have yet to find a Canadian willing to risk the endeavor of sneaking me over that ridiculous border. We're with the Selmanaires from Atlanta(who are great) for this leg, and the Spits for the west coast. Amazing tour so far, and a few interesting things happened in New York while we were there. Check these links below and see for yourself. We'll be updating alot more from now in almost everyday. 20070920/index.jhtml?rsspartner=rssColdFusion - 31k - Cached - Similar pages