Saturday, March 15, 2008

Black lips Hotline

we got a new phone and don't know what to do with it so we started a hotline. It's inspired by CB and Hamm radios, because people don't use those anymore, and we think truckers are cool. It'll give us something to do in the van. The minutes will probably expire, and i'm not paying for that shit. give us a ring if you are in trouble, need advice, or are just plain lonely.
949 836 7407

Thursday, March 6, 2008

how we met king khan

the first time i met KK was in munich germany, about a week into our first european tour. I had heard very little about him at that point. Only posters of his giant face plastered all over evry club in france and germany. I was just finishing my dinner that the club had cooked for me when a wild eyed indian man in an old german kaiser hat comes up and excitedly introduces himself to me as "blacksnake", then sat down and yammered on talking a mile a minute. I thought he was out of his mind on speed or something but he wasnt. He had hitchiked down from is home in kassel, germany just for the show. We got along pretty well, but we all thought he was crazy. he never stopped talking. The show finally got started and i was doing merch. he was high stepping all over the club and talking to everyone real loud and laughing like a mad man. He came over to the merch table and pulls out his dick and pees on some of our tshirts, then pees into a bottle and tries to drink it and spat it out everywhere. then threw the bottle. Me and cole were kinda pissed because we didn't know him. but he was still funny and charming. We finally start to play and i notice glass bottles being broken everywhere. He was breaking everybottle he could get his hands on, then jumping onstage and screaming. After that he came out with a massive bowl of salad and threw that everywhere. It was getting slippery and chaotic, and i had already slipped and cut my hand on the glass. So he came up and grabbed my hand and drank my blood, and declared us blood brothers. Then he went back to the kitchen and grabbed a huge cake(it was the promoters birthday) and he grabbed big chunks and smeared it everywhere, and on everybody. The germans were terrified. I didn't know what to think. After the show the place was destroyed. A bunch of german girls were following him around and screaming at him and telling us "king khan is not your friend" e turned the show into his own debacle. Backstage we were trying to do an interview, but the angry german girls followed and kept screaming at him. There was a table with about 100 or so beers on it and i guess out of frustration he cleard the whole table. every bottle. It was a fiasco. Interview over. We were asked to leave with our new friend. We got banned from the venue. A few weeks later i wrote him and his family a letter. We played with the shrines for the first time a month after that, and we have been best friends ever since. It took alot of thought. do i love him or hate him. Turns out we love him