Saturday, March 15, 2008

Black lips Hotline

we got a new phone and don't know what to do with it so we started a hotline. It's inspired by CB and Hamm radios, because people don't use those anymore, and we think truckers are cool. It'll give us something to do in the van. The minutes will probably expire, and i'm not paying for that shit. give us a ring if you are in trouble, need advice, or are just plain lonely.
949 836 7407


Uncle_Max said...

I'm tempted to call and shoot the shit, but since I've talked to you in the past 24 hours I'll let somebody else waste your minutes.

seanfindley said...

i didnt think that was real, until i called it and it was.
it was cool talking with you, jared. hopefully we'll be able to sneak into coachella to see you guys.

Shannon said...

i'm tempted to call. but im nervous
anywho, i love your music.
i just discovered it. its delightful
thanks kids.

Phil said...

Cole it was bitchin' getting to talk to you. Hope to see you next time you come to Philly.

Jessica said...

I'd call, but my really childish crush on Cole would come out and it would just be embarrassing and awkward. : /

Anonymous said...

Expect incoherent blabbering if me and my friend ever get 'round to it!

YJ said...

hi guys, tried calling on 25mar but can't get through.. guess the minutes have expired.
i am your biggest fan in singapore, asia.
send an email to me, will ya?
take care guys!

Winny said...

your Motel Mozaique show on april 12 is not in Paris, as your myspace tells.It's in Rotterdam, Holland.
Problem solved.

jacqueline said...

mail box is full.

robbin said...

I tried to reach you for, maybe a short interview in Malmo, sweden, but the phone was dead. If you have time to meet, send me a message!

Roxanne said...

thats a lie

Roxanne said...

thats a lie

Velveteen said...

I'd like to ask you to mark which tracks have swears on your albums. That is, if you want to get played on the radio. Please don't make us get fined by the FCC for liking your music.

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